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What chronic conditions do you live with?


What’s one thing you wish you knew before you got diagnosed?

Seek help from a BSGE accredited centre that specialize in Endometriosis. I went through so many general gynecologists and it took me years to realize BSGE is the route to go down.

What’s the most ridiculous thing a doctor has ever said to you?

There have been SO many but I would have to say that there have been a lot of ‘just get pregnant and the disease will go away’ or ‘it’s not like you have cancer’. That one was pretty horrendous to be honest, terrible bedside manner!

To what do you attribute your ” daily will?”

In 2020 I joined a fitness group called The Trtle Membership and the community that comes with it are absolutely inspirational. Everyone is so strong and supportive with each other and that inspires me every day. It reminds me that we all go through challenges but if we have people to support us through them, it will all be okay in the end. This membership reminds me how strong I am, not just physically but mentally, and to be able to commit to workouts and a healthy lifestyle while suffering chronic pain just shows how truly amazing the human body can be. 

What alternative treatments or therapies have most helped you?

I have tried a lot of treatments to help with my pain such as hormonal pills, steroids, surgeries, reflexology and CBD. Unfortunately, none of these helped me but after I researched into alternative treatments, I found acupuncture to work quite well. Alongside taking strong painkillers such as Tramadol. I am still yet to find something that helps me a significant amount though!

What was most challenging when you were first diagnosed?

I spent 8 long years suffering from pain every day not knowing what was wrong with me. Being told by countless doctors that it was either all in my head or being misdiagnosed with conditions such as IBS. After a lot of pushing I finally had an operation where I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. The hardest part after this was knowing what to do to help myself and unfortunately, I had to do my own research for a good few years to understand the condition, as most healthcare professionals don’t know much about it. This seriously needs to change and the diagnosis time should be brought down significantly. There also needs to be more treatments, research and a cure!

How has “being disabled” changed you as a person for the better?

It’s made me realize that my body can do incredible things when it is in constant pain. This can vary from just simply getting out of bed in the morning to completing a 30 minute weights session. I am constantly impressed with what my mind and body can achieve on a daily basis when I am in so much pain I can barely concentrate. I just seem to somehow keep going. 

What are your favorite life hacks for getting things accomplished day to day… while overcoming the fatigue, brain fog and all the symptoms?

Keeping myself accountable and in check. So, making sure I am fighting the condition and pain on a daily basis by getting enough sleep, motivating myself to workout or go for a walk, go to work, see friends and family, walk my English bulldogs and have a date night with my husband. Taking time for myself when things get tough and the pain gets too much and listening to my body at all times. Knowing when to rest it and nourish it. 

Do you have a slogan, one liner, or a motivational message that you want to leave readers with?

Listen to you body. It is such a simple thing to do and is so important.

How can warriors find you on social media?


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