Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain or Illness

Mayv has plenty of gift ideas for chronic pain or illness to make life better
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Thoughtful gift ideas for chronic warriors seem difficult to think of when it comes time to buy a holiday gift, birthday present, “get well soon” present, or simple “thinking of you” surprise.

But, what should you give to someone in your life who also faces chronic pain, invisible illness, fatigue, daily discomfort, and countless other symptoms?

We can help with that!

If there’s one thing Mayv knows, it’s gifts and tools that help with pain management, self-care, mindfulness, movement, wellness, and true relaxation.

We have curated these must-have gift ideas for your friends and family in and out of the chronic illness community. You’re sure to find the perfect gift that will improve day-to-day life with their illness, provide support, and show them some much-needed love.

(And, if you have a chronic illness yourself, perhaps these ideas will spark some ideas for your own wish list. Hint, hint… #selfcare)

Mayv’s Gift Ideas

  1. For Chronic Pain Relief
  2. For Spoonies and Chronic Warriors
  3. For Self Care and Mindfulness
  4. For the Home Gift
  5. For the Techie
  6. For A Good Night’s Sleep
  7. For Art Lovers
Best/Worst Gift Idea

Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain Relief

For someone who hurts day after day due to chronic pain, give the gift of pain relief. Gift ideas perfect for anyone with chronic pain syndrome (CPS), back pain, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis (MS), endometriosis, lupus, or osteoarthritis.

Hot/Cold Therapeutic Wraps

Neck and body wraps promote pain relief and relaxation – making them a great gift idea for anyone with chronic pain or that friend who is always cold. Heat helps muscles relax & the cold minimizes pain and inflammation.

Around $19+

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Spoonies and Chronic Warriors

We’re all for supporting small businesses, especially when they make gifts for people who are chronically ill. Best of all, these small business owners are also Spoonies and Chronic Warriors!

Spoonie Planner + Medical Tracker

A planner just for Spoonies? Yes, please! With a chronic illness, keeping track of medical information, test results, questions to ask your doctor, your pain levels is so hard with the brain fog and an endless list of appointments. This planner just made life so much easier!

Made by a chronic warrior, for a chronic warrior.

Around $55 for the set

*Enter MAYVCO2021US for 15% off orders within the United States. Valid until 11/23/2021

Cute & Cozy Apparel (with a side of humor)

These chronic illness shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers are just what the doctor ordered! Life with chronic pain and illness is hard, but a little humor makes it better.

Made by a chronic warrior, for a chronic warrior.

Around $20+

Heating Pad Cover
Gift Ideas for Friends with Chronic Pain - Heating Pad Cover

Chances are, your friend uses a heating pad to stay warm or just soothe their aches and pains. A heating pad cover adds an extra layer of cute and cozy! 
Bonus gift idea: A heating pad to go with their new cover if they don’t already have one.

Around $20+

Chronic Conditions Awareness Bracelet

Chronic illness, but make it fashion. These stackable bracelets are a stylish, yet subtle, way to wear your support of chronic illness, health conditions, and causes.

Made by a chronic warrior, for a chronic warrior.

Around $16+

*Enter MAYV10 for 10% off orders.

Gift Ideas

Gifts for Self Care and Mindfulness

The gifts that truly keep on giving: self-care and mindfulness. A great way to tell a friend or loved one that you care about them would be to give them some much-needed (and likely long overdue) self-care. Because, let’s face it, some of the best gifts to give are those we’d like to receive ourselves.

A New Yoga Mat

Grab a mat and join your BFF for some gentle yoga! Yoga can help with emotional well-being and physical pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, low back pain and many other types of chronic conditions.

Around $15+

Mindful Message Affirmation Card Deck

Mindfulness is a daily practice that promotes relaxation and helps manage pain and the accompanying physical and mental symptoms. Who doesn’t need a little positive energy each day?

Around $15+

Digital Pain Management & Mindfulness Tools

Mayv’s on-demand program offers evidence-based course that helps you understand how pain works and how our thoughts and behavior affect the way that you feel on a day-to-day basis. Then, you will learn a a step-by-step process to help you unlearn the pain pathways in your brain.

Free Mayv Program

Ice Roller for Migraines and Facial Pain

Chill out – literally- with an ice roller designed to fight puffiness, swelling, and the look of fatigue. This self-care tool is like a mini pick-me-up that releases facial tension, plus it can also help with migraine and pain relief.

Around $12+

Relaxing Bath Salts for Autoimmune and Chronic Conditions

Soaking in the tub with essential oil-infused bath salts is just what the muscles & the mind need to relax. There are different blends for specific chronic illnesses and autoimmune conditions, so you can pick the one that works best for your friend (or for yourself! …everyone needs self-care)

Made by a chronic warrior, for a chronic warrior.

Around $21+

Gift Ideas

Home Gift Ideas for Chronic Warriors

Completing tasks at work or home can be more challenging with a chronic illness. These home gift ideas can help a chronic warrior around their home, create relaxing vibes at home, or enable them to work from home when they aren’t feeling well.

White Noise Sound Machine

Perfect for blocking out distractions while meditating and light-sleepers! Sound machines can drown out any outside noise with soothing white noise or nature sounds.

Around $20+

Adjustable Lab Desk

Perfect for working from the couch or bed with an adjustable flat or angled surface for a laptop, crafts, reading, or journaling!

Around $35+

Ergonomic Gardening Tools for Arthritis

Gardening is used as a holistic therapy with proven benefits for mental and physical health. These gardening tools are the perfect gift for anyone with arthritis and chronic pain. 

Around $50+ for the whole set

Bottle and Jar Openers for Weak or Painful Hands

A must-have kitchen gadget for anyone suffering from arthritis, hand pain, or weak hand strength.

Around $8+

Gift Ideas

Tech Gifts for Someone with a Chronic Illness

Trust us – between the brain fog, fatigue, pain, and general overwhelm – these tech gadgets will make life so much better for anyone with chronic illness or pain.

Bluetooth Item Tracker and Finder

The struggle is real with brain fog! This tech gift will definitely save hours (and frustration!) of searching for lost keys and other items.

Around $25+

Gift Ideas for A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s no secret that sleep boosts the immune system, improves memory, and lowers the risk of serious health problems (the chronic community has enough of those!). These gift ideas to help you sleep are just what those fighting chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), adrenal fatigue, or sleep deprivation need in their lives!

Sweet dreams are made of these…

Manta Sleep Mask

An adjustable, breathable, 100%-blackout-dark sleep mask that puts zero pressure on your eyelids and lashes? It’s a dream come true! Perfect for catching some quality zzz’s day or night.

Around $30+

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light suppresses melatonin production and stimulates cortisol production, two things that mess with sleep. That’s why blue light blocking glasses are exactly what everyone needs to help them sleep better! (PS. They also help with migraines & eye fatigue)

Around $10+

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

Staying at home or in a hospital because of chronic illness and pain is all too familiar for chronic warriors. We’ve curated a few pieces by artists who also battle chronic illness and pain conditions – their works will inspire and add beauty to any space.

Colors of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by Lindsey Holcomb

Lindsey uses abstract art, color theory, ink, and thread to create vibrant works of art – most, based on MRI brain scans of patients with multiple sclerosis as part of her #ColorsOfMS project.

Made by a chronic warrior, for a chronic warrior.

Retro, Surrealist Art Prints by Kitty

Freelance illustrator and designer, Kitty, fills her life with color and joy through her art. Her experience as a disabled artist helps her advocate for disabled experiences and allow people to feel seen and celebrated.

Made by a chronic warrior, for a chronic warrior.

Hand-drawn Coloring Pages by Kathy Weller

Kathy Weller’s drawings incorporate motivational messages, bright colors, and all the feel-good-vibes! What could be better than gifting a coloring book that combines these benefits of coloring with hand-lettered sayings of empowerment and encouragement for Chronic Illness Warriors?!?

Made by a chronic warrior, for a chronic warrior.

Sketches by Jennifer Walker

Chronic illness drawn in beautiful and relatable images – Jennifer Walker’s art depicts the voices of patients and truths about living with arthritis and chronic illness in a way that helps them also feel validated and supported.

Made by a chronic warrior, for a chronic warrior.

Giving your friend, co-worker, or family member dealing with a chronic illness a thoughtful gift shows you’re trying to understand and sympathize with what they’re going through. 

Hopefully, these gift ideas for friends with autoimmune, chronic illness, or chronic pain will help you cross a few gifts off your list.

Or, maybe these gift ideas will help you create your own wish list. Because, let’s face it, some of the best gifts for friends with chronic illness are those we’d like to receive ourselves.

Gift Ideas

This article is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice from your physician or health provider for your specific needs.

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