How To Change Up Your Routine

how to change your routine
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Remove Negative Words From Your Vocabulary

Saying words and phrases such as “impossible” and “I can’t” spread through your mind like a disease. Believe in yourself. You’ll never be able to change a routine if you continually say “I can’t do that”. Instead, say “I’m going to try to do this, no matter what happens”. 

Lift yourself up with positive talk and you’ll find it easier to make changes.

Focus On One Goal Each Month

It’s wonderful to create a list of goals. However trying to accomplish too many things at one time can lead to frustration and disappointment, and even cause you to lose all progress. Instead of spreading yourself thin, choose one goal to focus on. It’s easier and more efficient to spend your energy on one task. You’ll see progress more quickly and find more enjoyment in the process.

Wake Up Earlier 

Becoming a morning person can increase your overall mental health and lead to increased productivity. More time at the start of the day allows you to eat a healthy breakfast and reduces the stress of being late to work or other obligations. 

Waking up early is a small change you can make that directly impacts your routine. It may be difficult at first, so take small steps. Try waking up just 30 minutes earlier than you typically do. Over time, you can begin waking up earlier and earlier if it works for your lifestyle.

Set Fitness Goals

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. A healthy life depends on physical activity. Adding some sort of exercise, whether its yoga, running, walking, or weight training, is a great way to change your daily routine. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll feel more energetic and benefit from improved mental and physical health.

Setting a fitness goal forces you to set aside time each day to train and help change your routine.

Some example goals could be:

  • 20 minutes of yoga every day 
  • Take a 30-minute walk daily
  • Stretch for 15 minutes a day
  • Do 50 pushups per day
  • Be able to run 2 miles in a month from now

Journal Daily

The simple act of journaling is a useful tool for reflection and mental clarity. Spend 5-10 minutes a day writing in a journal to express your thoughts, ups, downs, or wishes—write about your lunch if you want! Or try the 3 pages morning exercise.

Choosing to write each day, even if it’s only a few sentences, can affect your routine over time. Furthermore, journaling can improve your mood and assist in processing your emotions and thoughts.

Hold Yourself Accountable With Family & Friends

Tell others about the routine changes you wish to make and give them specific information. Ask them to check in with you once a week. With others aware of your ambitions, it’s easier to follow through. Sometimes an extra push from a third party can help the changes ensue. You can even post on social media if you feel comfortable doing so.

Set A Technology Curfew

Many phones now have built-in settings to create limits for how much time you spend on an app. Set some time limits to kick the habit of endless scrolling through social media or news outlets. 

Similarly, most phones have settings to block notifications at night. Setting a curfew for your phone and other devices can help you sleep better and longer.  

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