CBD for joint pain is a trending topic on the minds of pain sufferers these days. The popularity of using CBD for joint pain is supported by a recent Gallup poll showing that approximately 14% of Americans have already begun using CBD for pain of many kinds including joint pain.

Many studies are underway to assess the impact of CBD for joint pain even while consumers are using CBD as part of an integrative approach to pain management. CBD for joint pain sufferers has been shown in some cases to alleviate some of the symptoms by creating a sense of calm and possibly reducing inflammation in the body that contributes to pain triggers.

The use of CBD for joint pain offers a more natural, plant-based option for people with chronic joint pain. Those seeking out CBD for pain should look for sources that offer organically-grown hemp extracted  from clean sources for high bioavailability.

Here’s how CBD for pain works. CBD, which originates in the cannabis or hemp plant, is a type of cannabinoid (there are over 100 cannabinoids in the plant). It has been used for wellness properties for hundreds of years and can be isolated on its own from the plant. CBD, unlike THC (another cannabinoid,) does not produce feelings of euphoria or the high associated with cannabis. It does, however, interact with the human body’s own cannabinoid receptors which may help with the regulation of our biological and physical state. This regulation is why CBD for pain is a popular choice. CBD for joint pain is used to promote and support optimal health as it can aid in balancing the endocannabinoid system. Understanding how CBD for joint pain works comes down to inflammation. CBD has shown to be a natural anti-inflammatory, and as most joint pain sufferers know when inflammation is reduced, so can pain levels.

CBD oil is extracted from the Hemp, also known as the Cannabis Sativa plant. The makeup of CBD when extracted from the plant is a mirror of the human body’s endocannabinoid system. This matchup, along with the wellness properties naturally found in CBD, may make it a source of pain reduction in some cases. Studies indicate that cannabinoids, including CBD, may help soothe nervous tissue inflammation and help with other inflammatory health issues.

CBD for pain can be addressed with a variety of CBD products, which typically come in the form of tinctures, balms, oils and capsules. In any of these forms, CBD can provide a plant-based solution for people suffering with chronic joint pain. Let’s explore some of the basics of how CBD for joint pain is becoming a go-to treatment for those looking for a natural, accessible and effective solution. The most common form of CBD is an oil used either orally or topically. It can also be found in a tincture that is dispensed under the tongue or in capsules or edibles such as gummies.



A joint is defined as the point in the human body where bones make contact to connect our skeletal system. There are three types of joints in the human body: fibrous, cartilaginous and synovial. Joint pain can be caused by many sources and this is a common reason why sufferers turn to CBD for pain as a treatment. Everything from injury to viral conditions to gout can cause joint pain. Common causes for joint pain sufferers are related to the wear and tear that comes from aging, residual pain left in the aftermath of injury, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. CBD for pain has become a popular go-to for those seeking relief from a natural source, with CBD for joint pain ranking among the top reasons for use. CBD can offer many properties that can contribute to overall wellbeing.



Joint pain symptoms can range from mild and persistent in nature to debilitating. The symptoms that accompany joint pain will vary in type and severity based on the cause but often include joint tenderness, joint stiffness, joint swelling, limited joint movement, weakness in the joint and fatigue. If prolonged, intense pain can also contribute to mental health problems  such as anxiety and depression. Long term or chronic pain symptoms can linger indefinitely, requiring sufferers to seek out natural treatments such as CBD for joint pain that don’t have any addictive properties or adverse side effects. CBD for pain in the form of balms and tinctures are being sought out in many cases, however, it is always recommended to seek your doctor’s recommendations if you have any questions regarding CBD.



Everyone’s pain is unique and best practices for using CBD for pain can vary from person to person. Mayv has created a community for those looking for solutions, support and resources to congregate. Using the Mayv toolkit, mobile app and library of well-researched articles, you can hone in on which CBD for pain protocol is best for your body and your needs. While you seek out your best course of action within CBD for joint pain, you can check out Mayv’s selection of CBD products and know with confidence that you are receiving the purest most natural ingredients. All the Mayv CBD products are made from organic hemp grown, distilled and formulated in Colorado and designed for high bioavailability and soothing properties for your joint pain.


CBD for joint pain or CBD for pain of any kind can be a natural complement to other mainstream pain relief options. Because of its symmetry with the human body’s endocannabinoid system and non-addictive properties, CBD for joint pain is certainly worth a consideration for those in need of an addition to their overall health and wellness regimen. CBD for pain does not contain THC, the compound that creates feelings of high, while offering a bevy of benefits related to discomfort and management. CBD for pain can be found in many forms (tinctures, balms, edibles, capsules and more) making it easy to incorporate into most lifestyles. CBD for pain may be the perfect addition to your quest for a better routine.

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