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Yes, hemp is legal in all 50 states in the USA after the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018. Our hemp-derived products are non-addictive, non-psychoactive and contain less than 0.3% THC, in accordance with US federal and state laws (complying with the 2018 US Farm Bill).

Our organic hemp is hand-harvested in western Colorado at Needle Rock Farms

  • Our Softgels are for systemic relief and can be integrated with your current relief toolkit. 
  • Our Drops are for instant relief because of its high bioavailability (it gets in your blood faster).
  • Our Balm serves as a topical solution, targeting a specific difficult area when applied.

Take the first step of your new holistic healing journey and download the Mayv App at the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Mayv’s coordinated program of science backed and effective therapies removes the guessing game from chronic pain management by providing pre-vetted, scientifically-proven services under a single platform. 

The Mayv App has a suite of pain management tools to help patients take control of their pain. Along with our ongoing assistance features, our in-app community helps connect patients, share their experiences and support each other in their care journey. 

Mayv curated a  mind and body program with a team of patients and health professionals to alleviate the root causes of pain and anxiety. Our Mayv app also provides timely, quick-relief tools when a flare up arises.

We have designed a set of quick relief tools that serve as a guide through some visualizations, meditations, breathing exercises and sound therapies that help get your mind off the pain.

We are a supportive community of patients, doctors, and experts sharing our collective experience and knowledge to help patients in any way we can. You, too, are part of this community and we are darn lucky to have you!

Navigating all the resources available online, the varying opinions and the breadth of services is confusing and lonely. So we decided that we need a place where we can learn about all the different options.

We created Mayv – a pain management ecosystem and resource center of vetted science backed and effective therapies that removes the guessing game from chronic pain management.

Mayv provides a free web-based education platform with easy-to-understand, scientifically-backed content on leading complementary health topics. Topics cover the range of complementary medicine including the areas of Mental Health, Movement, Mindfulness, Treatments, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Our authors, contributors and partners are experts, patients, advocates and allies that have offered to provide or create their content to help patients in any way they can. They focus on healing through a holistic and integrative lens, and share our vision of changing the way we care.

You can be part of our growing Mayv family and join in the conversation through our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn communities.

The Mayv Relief Toolkit is the complete integrated solution for chronic pain management: our hemp-derived CBD Products, Mayv App and online resource center complement conventional medicine in your healing industry.

We are a complete integrated solution that places the patient at the center of care.

Developed in partnership with integrative health leaders, pain experts and chronic patients, the platform is designed as an ecosystem of complementary pain management tools that supports patients through multiple formats to suit their different lifestyles.

Our solutions can be used as an entire relief system or patients can choose products a la carte, in conjunction with their traditional medicine regimen.

Our small startup family established Mayv in order to address the physical, emotional and psychological toll that comes with living with chronic pain. Along with other businesses, COVID-19 has unfortunately impacted our supply chain, and so our current packaging isn’t quite what we had in mind! 

Nevertheless, it’s what’s inside that counts. We are so excited for you to try our product, and look forward to your feedback!

Mayv is here to help you navigate the world of complementary and alternative medicine to assist in amplifying your journey to health. We are here as a resource. We will have written, recorded or live content all designed around chronic joint conditions. These will always link out to the author’s pages or websites and will allow you to continue you engagement with them.

Your information will never ever be shared with anyone. Your information is private and yours. Your account information is used to curate information for you and for no other purpose. If you are living with fibromyalgia, content about fibromyalgia will be front and center rather than that about osteoarthritis.

Mayv is a derivation from Maverick & Meva. Maverick sheds light to the strength within we are trying to harness. Meva (sanskrit origins: mēvā – मेवा ) means fruit and is often used in an idiom as the fruit of hard work.

We raised capital from friends and family dedicated to helping patients with chronic conditions. We are not backed by institutional funds.

Our founders truly believe deep down that healthcare is a basic human right. They also believe that a community is there to support one another. As such they have vowed to create the Mayv Community and always offer these resources for free. That being said, the wheels need to be greased for the engine to run; we are exploring ways to monetize so we can continue to provide a free resource. Some ideas we have been thinking about are supplements, a paid course, etc. We are open to ideas and look to the community to tell us what they need most. If it is a tool to help you shampoo your hair then we are happy to build it for you.

Fahed Essa & Steve Simon are the co-founders of Mayv. They met at UC Berkeley while completing their graduate degrees. Fahed has received three Masters degrees in Public Health, Biotechnology and Business Administration and a Bachelors in Molecular Biology; he has focused his career on healthcare and his vision is to make healthcare accessible and equitable for all.

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