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Mayv is here to help you navigate the world of complementary and alternative medicine to assist in amplifying your journey to health. We are here as a resource. We will have written, recorded or live content all designed around chronic joint conditions. These will always link out to the author’s pages or websites and will allow you to continue you engagement with them.

At Mayv we believe in a holistic approach to care, and we have divided the different domains into 6; Mindfulness, Nutrition, Mental Health, Movement, Lifestyle and Treatments. These pages are considered resources pages that will house all articles, classes and information about that domain.

We at Mayv pride ourselves on creating a community that cares for one another and also shares the mission of looking at the human as a whole and not a disease or condition. They focus on healing through a holistic lens, and share our vision of changing the way we care. Our authors, contributors and partners are experts, patients, advocates and allies that have offered to provide or create their content to help patients in any way they can. They have agreed to do this all with one thing in mind; HELP PATIENTS!

Please reach out to us directly on our contact page and we will get back to you very soon.

Your information will never ever be shared with anyone. Your information is private and yours. Your account information is used to curate information for you and for no other purpose. If you are living with fibromyalgia, content about fibromyalgia will be front and center rather than that about osteoarthritis.

Mayv is a derivation from Maverick & Meva. Maverick sheds light to the strength within we are trying to harness. Meva (sanskrit origins: mēvā – मेवा ) means fruit and is often used in an idiom as the fruit of hard work.

We raised capital from friends and family dedicated to helping patients with chronic conditions. We are not backed by institutional funds.

Our founders truly believe deep down that healthcare is a basic human right. They also believe that a community is there to support one another. As such they have vowed to create the Mayv Community and always offer these resources for free. That being said, the wheels need to be greased for the engine to run; we are exploring ways to monetize so we can continue to provide a free resource. Some ideas we have been thinking about are supplements, a paid course, etc. We are open to ideas and look to the community to tell us what they need most. If it is a tool to help you shampoo your hair then we are happy to build it for you.

Fahed Essa & Steve Simon are the co-founders of Mayv. They met at UC Berkeley while completing their graduate degrees. Fahed has received three Masters degrees in Public Health, Biotechnology and Business Administration and a Bachelors in Molecular Biology; he has focused his career on healthcare and his vision is to make healthcare accessible and equitable for all.

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