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Delivering free help for chronic pain using cutting edge pain science

Using both the latest research and our years of experience treating patients, our aim is to empower you to participate in ending your own suffering from chronic pain and other chronic symptoms. We know first-hand how frequently conventional treatments for chronic pain are either ineffective, overly expensive, or—in the case of painkillers and surgeries—may come with serious side effects. We stand by our program because it targets the real root of most chronic symptoms, and offer it free of charge because we believe everyone should have access to the help they actually need.

At Mayv, we’re inspired by your resilience

Our team of doctors, therapists and other experts developed this program with the help and insight from actual patients. The incredible stories of strength and persistence from our community have shown us that even after years of living with pain, the right knowledge and a relatively simple set of tools can make a huge difference. While no one person’s chronic pain is the same, we hope you can use the array of lessons and techniques in our program to discover what works for you so that you can join the ever growing list of people who have gotten their lives back from chronic pain.

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We believe in empowering you

Integrative healthcare marries conventional medicine with a range of complementary treatment options to help those living with a chronic condition.

Human empowerment through holistic chronic pain resources.

At Mayv, we want you to be able to explore these options safely and with the support of health experts and chronic pain patients alike. Yet there’s no real authority on holistic health, and no one to vet them for your specific condition.

So we provide unbiased, science-backed guidance to help make the world of complementary medicine more accessible.

How we do it

We don’t just treat your pain and your condition. We consider how your mind, body, and spirit can contribute to your healing. Our aim is to help you live a fuller, happier life with chronic pain.

Cutting through confusion

From East to West, ancient to in-progress, we study, evaluate, and share the best treatment options, all to help you discover the best ways to manage your condition and take control of your healing.

Guiding you, not deciding for you

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment for chronic conditions—only you know what’s truly best for you. At Mayv, we aim to empower you to make your own choices about what works for you and your lifestyle

A full spectrum of science

We are dedicated to improving your quality of life by tapping into the collective knowledge of integrative health experts and physicians, patient experiences, and the wisdom of our ancestors.

Woman in the chronic pain community holding a baby and picking flowers.

Every day, we promise this to you

A promise of honesty through the Mayv chronic pain resource.

We pledge to be open and candid about what we know, what we don’t, and where our knowledge comes from.

Mayv pledge of compassion through chronic pain support groups.

We’re here to listen, lend a hand, and honor every step of your journey.

Mayv uniting the chronic pain community through science-backed research.

We know we are stronger and more knowledgeable together.

Quality of life transformation through chronic pain resources & support groups online.

We believe you can change your experiences and your life, and we do everything we can to show you how.

The stories told within the chronic pain community, leaving your legacy.

We value your voice, your stories can inspire the next generation of chronic pain warriors to live better.

We’re dedicated to you

Meet our founders, our community of health and wellness experts, and everyone committed to helping you thrive. We have come together to offer in depth knowledge, chronic pain support groups, live events, webinars, and real humans that care.

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