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Transparent Sourcing

Third-Party Lab Tested

Transparency from Soil to Oil

Our organic hemp is hand-harvested in western Colorado at Needle Rock Farms. In order to produce the best hemp and reduce our impact on the land, we are committed to sustainable farming methods. We exclusively use CO2 extraction to distill the cleanest and most potent CBD and terpene blend. Testing happens throughout the extraction process to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

The Importance of Lab Testing

Lab-tested CBD oil is simply safer. Hemp testing eliminates the possibility of toxins and ensures the potency, consistency and purity of our CBD products so you know what you’re getting. Hemp is still not regulated by the FDA, so it is imperative that you only buy third-party lab-tested products. By testing with a third-party not affiliated with our company or manufacturer, you know that these are unbiased results.

Reading your Lab Tests

Our lab tests verify the potency (aka that amount of CBD), terpene profile (aka what cannabinoids are present), contaminants (aka no toxins), and compliance (aka no trace THC) of our products.

Take a look at at our list of products and click to open the lab test.

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