Lifestyle Happy and healthy living with chronic pain.

What is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle encompasses the behavioral and habitual practices we engage in each and every day when living with chronic pain. We here at Mayv understand that chronic pain is often a treatable condition, but we also know that healing takes time. The good news is that we don’t have to wait until we’re all better to start improving our lifestyle; in fact, engaging in normal life as best as we can is actually an important part of the healing process!

Woman practicing meditation tips for dealing with chronic pain.
Stretching class for those seeking healthy living with chronic pain.

Why It Matters

Healing chronic pain or a chronic condition isn’t just about medicine. Chronic conditions influence every aspect of life — from employment and finances, to relationships, hobbies, and even how we design our homes. By working within our current limitations to do small things every day that provide us with a sense of joy or meaning, we start to feel that we’re living our best lives again—even in the presence of our pain—while helping our nervous systems feel safer in the process.

How We Can Help

Are there any burning questions you’ve wanted to ask a doctor, therapist or fellow patients? Are your Google searches not giving you the answers you’re looking for — like how to wash your hair during a hand flare up, tips for parenting with chronic pain, or how to deal with chronic back pain in public? Let us know if there are special topics you’d like us to dig into and we’ll do the leg work to uncover research, interview experts and talk to other patients who are living with similar conditions.

Hands stretching, practicing different ways to deal with chronic pain.

Lifestyle Articles


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“For many years I saw my back pain as a sign of failure and tried unrealistically to find cures instead of taking responsibilities for my reactions to the pain. When I saw that the pain was a natural part of life, I felt relief. I realized my lack of acceptance was far more painful than the back pain itself.”

Vidyamala Burch, author of the books Living Well with Pain and Illness and You Are Not Your Pain

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