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What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a science that explains how dietary choices affect our overall wellness. Studying nutrition allows us to better understand which foods sustain or drain our health, and how we can create balanced diets tailored to our condition. Doctors are learning about the benefits of diet for inflammation and pain. One of the best ways to reduce inflammation - and its related pain symptoms - lies not in the medicine cabinet, but right at home in our kitchens.

Nuts, fruits, & spices as a healthy diet for joint pain.
Hand holding bowl included in anti-inflammatory diet for chronic pain.

The Benefits

Many serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis and depression have been linked to chronic inflammation. A healthy diet for joint pain and inflammation are critical as nutrition is one of the most powerful tools to combat this. A chronic pain diet leans towards a more natural, less processed diet, which can not only reduce inflammation, but it can also have noticeably positive effects on your physical and emotional health. While some foods can accelerate inflammatory diseases, an anti-inflammatory diet for chronic pain may help achieve the following:

– Reduced risk of chronic diseases
– Ease of chronic pain symptoms
– Improved mood
– Enhanced overall quality of life

The Science

Consistent evidence links most chronic diseases to physical inactivity and inappropriate dietary consumption. While there is no specific “diet” or food regimen for chronic pain or autoimmune conditions, researchers have identified certain foods, like antioxidant-rich diets and anti-inflammatory diets for chronic pain, as likely to reduce pain, control inflammation and improve joint symptoms. Pain management specialist, Dr. William Welches, has found that patients who follow a strict vegan or Mediterranean diet have reported a complete turnaround in their pain symptoms.

Person holding bowl of fruit used in diets for joint pain.

Nutrition Articles

“As Hippocrates, the father of medicine famously said, “let food by thy medicine, and medicine thy food.” Now, research is bearing that out. Studies estimate that about 77 percent of immune system reactions are determined by things we have at least some control over, such as our food, stress levels, and exposure to pollutants, with the remainder determined by genetics.”

Dr. Will Cole, functional medicine practitioner

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