Digital pain management tools, on-demand on your phone

The Mayv Program app features a collection of evidence-based courses and tools designed to show you how to manage chronic pain naturally through the power of mindfulness.

The Program overview

Mayv’s resilience-based Program will guide you through evidence-based pain management methods that have been tested in pain clinics and holistic health centers. These techniques center on deepening your understanding of yourself, and changing your habits for lasting results. The Program consists of four core elements: 

  1. The foundations course 
  2. Deep dives 
  3. Daily mindful practices
  4. Quick relief tools 

Treat the Program as a new beginning whether you’ve been experiencing joint issues for 3 months, or 3 decades. Every day is a new opportunity, and from this day forward you’ve got Mayv by your side. We’ll help you keep your long-term goals in focus, while providing shorter-term relief. 


The Foundation Course

The Mayv foundations course is a 4-week introduction to mindfully managing pain. The course objective is to reshape your understanding of core connections between mind and body that affect pain and progress.

We’ve crafted the course to start small, allowing you to slowly incorporate new learnings into your daily life and encouraging you to maintain consistency with small changes. While this is designed as a 4-week Program, you’re welcome to take it at your own pace.

Lessons include

Introduction to Mindfulness
Introduction to Meditation
The Science of Pain & Stress
Mindfully Managing Pain & Stress

Try the foundation course for free

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Deep dives

Upon completion of the foundations course, you’ll unlock our deep dives. These bite-sized lessons allow you to get into more specific topics with clinically-proven methods to reduce inflammation and manage chronic pain naturally. You’ll assess your progress after the foundations course and choose your own path to personalize the Program to your needs and interests. 

Deep Dives

Advanced mindfulness techniques

Daily Mindful Practices

Listening to our Mayv experts is only half the magic. We’ve developed daily mindful practices to put your learning into action. With our guided meditations, you can truly make this course your own. These daily mindfulness exercises will sharpen your ability to evaluate and take control of your physical and emotional feelings in order to help curb pain, reduce inflammation, and curate a chronic pain treatment that works for you. 

  • Focused attention exercises
  • Breath meditations
  • Visualization methods
  • Mindful eating

Quick Relief Tools

These clinically-proven quick relief tools offer refuge during pain flare-ups, stressful moments, or any time you need a little extra help regaining control both mentally and physically. This collection of tools refocuses your attention in different ways depending on what you need in the moment: breathing, positivity, calming, escapism.

Available on its own or included for free with any of our CBD products, try the Program today.

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