A free digital course to help you find relief from chronic symptoms, on-demand on your phone

The Mayv Program app features a collection of evidence-based educational videos and tools designed to show you how to treat pain naturally through a mind-body approach.

The Program overview

Mayv’s resilience-based Program will guide you through methods for treating pain that have been tested in peer-reviewed studies, pain clinics and holistic health centers around the world. This program can also be helpful for other chronic symptoms, including migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and more. The lessons and techniques center on deepening your understanding of yourself, and changing your habits for lasting results. The Program consists of four core elements:

  1. The foundations course
  2. Daily mindful practices
  3. Quick relief tools

Whether you’ve been experiencing pain for 3 months, or 3 decades, treat this program as a new beginning! Every day is a new opportunity, and from this day forward you’ve got Mayv by your side. We’ll help you keep your long-term goals in focus, while providing techniques for short-term relief.

The Foundation Course

The Mayv Foundation Course is a 2-week course designed to help people get started on the path to not just managing, but actually treating most instances of chronic pain!

Our first objective is to teach you how the brain frequently continues to cause pain even after your body has healed from an injury—or sometimes in the absence of any injury at all. Despite various studies showing that most chronic pain is caused by learned responses in the brain, most mainstream approaches still neglect current research. By giving you the knowledge to help you determine the role your brain is playing in causing your pain, you’ll be able to treat the root cause of your symptoms, and over time find relief when so many other approaches have failed.

The remaining lessons address the various psychological factors that can contribute to pain, and offer corresponding techniques to address them. Once you understand all of these factors, you’ll be able to choose which lessons and techniques best apply to you. The techniques we share with you are intended to be brief, and we encourage you to start small and practice consistency over quantity. While this is designed as a 2-week Program, you are welcome to take it at your own pace!

Lessons include

How your Brain Makes Pain Chronic

Self-Compassion to Calm your Nervous System

How Emotions Relate to Pain

How to Reduce Your Fear of Pain

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Daily Mindful Practices

Practicing Mindfulness regularly not only helps improve outcomes with things like sleep, stress and pain, it can also help us to slow down so that we don’t miss our precious lives. We offer a variety of guided mindfulness practices, including both longer meditations and shorter practices that you can use when you have a few minutes to spare, or even integrate seamlessly into your life. Practicing mindfulness will help you become aware of the harmful stories you may be inadvertently telling yourself about your pain, and sharpen your ability to face whatever challenges this moment might bring. Our guided meditations include:

Focused attention exercises

Breath meditations

Visualization methods

Mindful eating

Quick Relief Tools

These clinically-proven quick relief tools offer refuge during pain flare-ups, stressful moments, or any time you need a little extra help regaining control both mentally and physically. This collection of tools refocuses your attention in different ways depending on what you need in the moment: breathing, positivity, calming, and even escapism when it’s called for.